Jon Paul Holt


Over the last 25 years the Avant Garde artistic team have won many awards. They have been recognized as the most award winning salon in Vancouver.

Jon Paul winning NAHA in VegasAwards include:
* Canadian Session Stylist of the Year
* North American Make Over of the Year
* British Columbia Stylist of the Year
* British Columbia Team of the Year
* Canadian Colourist of the Year
* Canadian Perm Technician of the Year
* Canadian Avant Garde Stylist of the Year
* Canadian Hairstylist of the Year

Jon Paul was most truly honored in being presented with "The Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award". He was given this award in recognition for his help in promoting Canadian Hairstyling internationally and encouraging young Canadian stylists to compete on the world stage.

While he is honoured to have won these awards, Jon Paul is especially proud of twice being awarded "North American Hairstylist of the Year". He has been a finalist three times in the British Hair Awards and he has represented Canada twice on stage at the world's most prestigious hair show in London England.

Jon Paul winning NAHA in Vegas

The Alternative Hair Show held every year at the Royal Albert Hall in London is a pinnacle of recognition in the world of hairstyling and raises money for Leukemia Research. Jon Paul represented Canada alongside icons such as Vidal Sassoon. "Walking onto stage at the Royal Albert Hall was like a dream come true", says Jon Paul, "It's a place and a show I'd attended so many times when I lived in England but always dreamed that one day I would be up on that stage. That dream came true for me as a Canadian!"

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